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Music and Lyrics by Anna Wise
Produced by Anna Wise

Mixed by Dane Orr and Zeke Mishanec
Mastered by Daddy Kev




walk, pace, step, kneel
i don’t want to disappoint my family

wounds, with, time, heal
he don’t know how to respect me

i set myself on fire

what a nice dress
he carried me to the ceremony

says i’ll know bliss
when my flowers safe in matrimony

i didn’t know what it meant
i put my palms to his withered hands
tried to get me wet
i drip thick blood on the linens
took a pill to forget
it was all coming back in dreams
matches in my hands
go my hands on kerosine
he went out to bet
i got an hour to fulfill my plan
never will the man put his fists to my body

i set myself on fire 

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