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Musings about Subtle Body Dawn,


Hello and thank you for giving me your attention. My name is Anna Wise. I have made 10 albums in my life and participated in dozens more. I find myself in the unique and blessed position of maintaining my sovereignty and independence as an artist throughout my career. When I create, it is only me and my few trusted collaborators and loved ones who get to imprint on the creations. 


I created Subtle Body Dawn first in the ether, then brought it down into my heart. I spent most of my creative time meditating on what I would like this record to be. I listened to my previous art and contemplated musical and lyrical concepts I had not yet touched on. For the first time in my career, I set goals for myself and created conceptual containers to work within. All my previous works have been entirely emotional, creating in the midst of deep emotion. This record is of course emotional, but emotion within the parameters of my creative goals. 


Every song is produced by Maurice II (formerly known as Jon Bap) and he plays almost every instrument. Guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, violin. He mixed and mastered the whole record, too. Maurice II is a master creator and an ideal collaborator. One of his greatest skills is listening. He listened as I described all the musical elements I wanted to include in Subtle Body Dawn and then he lovingly crafted exactly what I described. We really wanted to create something that sounded unlike anything, and I believe we accomplished that. 


Other contributors to Subtle Body Dawn include Mndsgn, Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Juuwah, Angel Deradoorian, Fear Gorta, 


My goals for my next album are already showing themselves, and I am grateful to continue my artistic journey. 


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